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One day... by DavesPineapple

well, i've loved this piece right from the first little preview i saw. the lighting and perspective is spot on. i'm not sure exactly where this is set but the floating orbs give it a dark sense of menace of machinery.

throughout DA i have seen a lot of boring landscapes and this, mr friend, is not boring t all! there is so much stuff to look at and the little white rabbit doesn't stand out too much so you can still have fun examining every little bit of the piece!
as i have said lots of times before you have a very unique and distinct style :) i can recognise you anywhere!

the overall impact is immense!
it's epic and i really can't believe you only got your tablet yesterday! XD
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DavesPineapple Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! (and also, sorry for the late answer...)
I really enjoy reading your critiques ^-^

..also, I'm gonna work on landscapes again, I really enjoyed making this, so I'm totally doing it again!
MorbidCrowkiller Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
nahh, late answers are fine ^v^

np! and yes! they're defiantly worth all the effort.
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