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Rising by DavesPineapple

Are you sure you haven't had a tablet for years and years before starting to upload your digital art? Because this is the work of a pro.

i ADORE the scenery i *cough* mightuseitoneday *cough* the perspective of the rocks in the background is true to life so it is a good clash of surreal and real life image.

i will say though, this does remind me of Tatchit. They do a lot of landscapey things and this looks like something she would do (no offense meant).

your technique again is awesome, thanks to screen sharing i know which brush you usually go for to get the look your achieve <:3 The sky also adds a great effect, instead of a single gradient or black colour there are brush strokes within it showing that you really put lots of effort into your piece.

That tree is perfect. you've caught it's action perfectly giving a sense of movement to the still, harmonious scenery.

As for the meaning..... i must admit that you've puzzled me a bit here XD "roots." hmmm.... welll... Maybe you're trying to convey something about how every event has to have a root, or a cause. but i'm not totally sure XD please enlighten me :3

Dave looks as awesome as ever, those ears!
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DavesPineapple Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for your critique, and wow...I must admit my picture actually looks pretty similar to one of *Tatchit...even tho it wasn't intended to...and I do apologize if someone thought I copied him, but believe me, that was totally unintentional.

About the tree: it's actually the very last thing Ive added to the painting, the idea came to me a bit randomly while I was fixing some details, and actually fits perfectly with the whole meaning of the painting (which by the way is related to the return to the origins of things).

And yeah, I really like how those ears came out ^-^
MorbidCrowkiller Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
np ^-^
yeah, i didn't think you copied Tatchit although they do look similar!
ooo whim picture! ^-^ that last detail you just decide to chuck in there is awesome, especially seen as though it really works with the image!

ears :3
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