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Lacrymosa by Magickie

The posture of the animal is very well thought out. the screaming of pain and agony is all conveyed through the body language.
the colours you have chosen are very beautiful, especially the animal's fur. those lovely blues, whites and blacks blend well and give the fur a lovely texture.
Although there are a lot of wolf artists out there, this piece stands out immediately. the riot of colours, the perfect anatomy and the long, bushy tail make this artowork sparkle with talent.
would you possibly mind explaining how you did your background? it gives a beautiful effect and i would very much like to try it out one day, if that's ok with you.
this is the first time i have ever come across one of your works and and i straight away drawn into your gallery. this is a truly magical piece of work.
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Magickie Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou very much. ^.^

Well.. I started with watercolour washes and applied a slightly darker colour each time near the corners. For the purple and blue splodges, I just dip my brush into some water and let it drip or apply it randomly to the paper, so they look like little puddles. Then I dip a brush into the colour I want (i usually mix my own by this point) and add it to the water. I will add a few different colours in each puddle if you get what I mean. XD Then just leave it to dry.
MorbidCrowkiller Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013

thankyou very much for explaining your beautiful technique to me!
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